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A meeting of men and women around the same passion, the Mountain.
A common motivation to design, to modernize, to operate.


Mountain development and spatial planning is a story of encounters and human exchanges.
STEM is this desire to share and develop the mountain of tomorrow together.
Our aim is to find conditions of this 4 seasons development for our mountain territories, to pass developed sites on to future generations; job providers respecting natural resources.

Field of Expertise

STEM’s mission is to perform the management of tourist activities, in France and abroad.
Its internal organization and supporting partners make interventions in all areas possible: all-season leisure, food service, shop management, but also in more specific issues concerning local development and spatial land planning.



Stem brings along its operator’s expertise during the design phase

We can assist as :

  • An advisor within the project team.
  • A project team coordinator, as an assistant to the project team manager.

Our concept : “What we design, we will be able to make it operational

We have established partnerships with specialists to offer you a comprehensive service:

  • Technical engineering
  • Financial engineering.
  • Communication and modelling of your scripted project.


We ensure the transition between design and operational phases.

This assistance aims to ensure good worksite execution.

Site supervision :

  • To ensure the contracting authority is represented within the construction group.
  • To find project adaptation solutions.
  • To rationalise costs.
  • To manage the agenda.

Pre-operational phase :

  • To select tools and software
  • To provide training for operational teams
  • To adapt the schedules
  • To ensure project communication and opening forecasts.


STEM’s core business is:

  • To implement mountain bike trails, manage an alpine coaster, make snow, operate your facilities …
  • This work approach is based on customer satisfaction and overall tourist and sports offers management.
  • Our assistance concern 3 specific sectors to which we provide added value.

Activities management

Activities are the purpose of a tourist destination. We ensure all of the coordination between different activities. We put in place maintenance planning tools to ensure the quality of service and availability.

Customer service

There is no tourist destination without a restaurant service and a shop, indispensable complements of the tourist offer.

We ensure the operation of all services, for overall satisfaction, in connection with other local initiatives and hosts.

Restaurant :

  • Bar
  • Takeaway
  • Cafeteria
  • Table service

Shops :

  • Equipment Rentals
  • Sale of equipment
  • Gift Souvenirs
  • Technical equipment

Additional services :

  • Car park
  • Shuttle Buses
  • Shelters, hostel
  • Picnic area

Support Services

Support services enable the operation and marketing of products.

STEM’s assistance will depend on the country and specific local rules.

Sales and marketing:

  • Pricing policy
  • Marketing strategy
  • Sponsorship
  • Internet Strategy
  • Central sales and reservation

Human ressources :

  • Organization and cost control
  • Professional training
  • Management assistance

Quality and purchases :

  • Organization and cost control
  • Quality certification
  • Purchasing Assistance


STEM seeks to encourage innovative experiences and individual initiatives to develop the site and its activities.

The knowledge sharing and exchanges between STEM’s experts  allow us to move forward and promote development on our 3 main axes:

  • Technological innovations.
  • New products and market trends.
  • Natural resource management for further generations.

Technological Innovations

Technological innovation is at the heart of product development to meet the expectations of customers.

The challenge: to be in the dynamics, to offer the client new perspectives, while respecting the economic constraints.

New products and market trends

In our customer approach, one goal: to bring dreams, relaxation, escape, safely.

Product innovation, the search for the best offers, feeling the evolutions of the market: a challenge for the marketing teams.

Natural Resources Management for further Generations

Taking into account natural resources : a delicate balance between development, spatial planning and respect for the land.

A daily challenge, to share with all members of the team, as each action can be significant.

The Team

Around Vincent Tassart, a team is set up for each specific project.

More than 20 experts can be mobilized, driven by values of listening, flexibility and specific skills.

The exchange of know-how, feedback and the transparency of actions taken are the bases of the internal relationships within the teams.